Urban Romantic :: Lace & Embroidery Jewelry


One Of A Kind

Cocolita ❤ jewelry is a mix of Urban and Romantic. Inspired by street and body art, the creations are made of gorgeous fabrics such as lace & embroideries.

The jewelry is 100% handcrafted and designed by Marie-Claude Cyr, the owner and creator of this label.

After two years of travelling around the world, I come back home... Returning with my head full of new ideas and my suitcases filled with treasures. Throughout the countries I visited, I never missed an occasion to explore the small haberdashery shops, and I can assure you they are everywhere!

I found many gorgeous fabrics, embroideries and other special finds on my way home. The jewelry and accessories I create are therefore unique or made in very small quantities. I might never find again this old lady selling magnificent silver embroidery in a small market in Thailand.

This first collection is inspired by a workshop I attended at the Accademia Italiana of Bangkok. Urban designs combined to romantic fabrics! I sincerely hope you enjoy! Thanks for your visit.